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PC CHINA and your enterprise

Why would you want to partner with outside IT consultants if you have an internal IT department? We can complement your department. Think of the time and labor savings. You probably have hundreds or thousands of PCs that require software updates, backup testing or security checks. Partner with PC CHINA and you could free up your IT people, who have little time on their hands, from those time-intensive and often painful tasks, so they can focus on daily issues.
Then there's the matter of software licensing. With all your technology, do you know if you're compliant with every application? Do your IT people have the time to find out? Licensing compliance is required for SOX compliance. And speaking of SOX, where do you stand? PC CHINA can help make sure your house is in order.

Certified with many of the leading technology suppliers, including Microsoft, we can serve as an information resource on solutions, technology and the latest products and services. We also sell licenses and hardware and software to be your one-stop shop, or partner.
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