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Mid-Market Business Solutions: Computer, Network and IT Consulting
For those businesses in the mid market with 50 to 250 PCs—bigger than a small organization with no IT department and smaller than an enterprise with extensive on-site IT resources—where do you turn for IT assistance? Where can you get the type of powerful, comprehensive services that help enterprises become more productive, efficient, secure and competitive, in an offering scaled to your business? Where can you get those services, plus the customer-centric support that is usually reserved for small businesses? PC CHINA can provide the IT support that fits your business model.

We can tailor our extensive line of services covering IT management, upgrades, disaster recovery, regulations compliance, custom development, security and other issues to your requirements. As your business evolves and increases the use of information technology, our services will keep pace and ensure that your IT are complementing your business growth.

Your business will be supported by our industry certified experts who support the rare view that customers are more important than technology—that technology should work for customers.

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