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Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions: Computer, Network and IT Consulting
• IT Outsourcing
• Network Implementation
• Network Planning
• Network Troubleshooting
• Remote Network Support
• Remote Network Monitoring
• Backup Solutions
• Network Security
• Software Consulting
• Software Licensing
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Small business. Big IT opportunity.

Do you know the myth about IT and small business? Supposedly, a network with dedicated servers is too much for small business—too much technology. Too complicated. Too expensive. Not true.

The fact is, technology leaders such as Microsoft have introduced new IT products and services scaled to small business. That powerful, cost-effective, diverse offering combined with a PC CHINA partnership can help a small business improve its productivity, security and communication between staff, partners and customers as well as control costs and meet SOX or HIPAA compliance requirements.

If you have a small business, PC CHINA can provide a custom, end-to-end solution, which can include network planning and design, implementation, hardware and software purchases, a proven compliance methodology, comprehensive support, along with training and handholding.

We began as a tiny grass roots organization, so we understand the challenges that small businesses can face. Don't have an IT specialist on staff? Uncomfortable with technology and change? Have logistical and budget concerns? We understand and will take those challenges and others into consideration when creating a solution. We also have in-depth technical expertise, acquired by working with a wide variety of technology, industries and businesses of all sizes. We can combine the right system, the right component for your business with our customer-centric service, so you can make the most of a big opportunity.

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