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What is Computer Network?

A computer network is a group of computers, printers, and other devices that are connected together with cables. Information travels over the cables, allowing network users to exchange documents & data with each other, print to the same printers, and generally share any hardware or software that is connected to the network. Each computer, printer, or other peripheral device that is connected to the network is called a node. Networks can have tens, thousands, or even millions of nodes.

Like most things, networks are are assembled according to certain rules. Cabling, for example, has to be a certain length, each cabling strand can only support a certain amount of network traffic, etc. The rules that govern how a network is set up is called its topology. The most popular topology in use today is called Ethernet, which consists of computers and peripherals cabled together in specific ways. Ethernet is relatively inexpensive, easy to set up and use, and very, very fast.

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Unique Advantages of Working with PC CHINA -

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, PC CHINA is an acknowledged expert at the core system Network ,software and office productivity applications used by most  businesses. As a Cisco-certified partner, Progent also offers expertise for an increasingly complex array of infrastructure technologies including firewalls, switches, routers, voice-over-IP solutions and wireless connectivity. In addition, Progent's

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