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Backup and Recovery Solution
Features and Benefits
How it Works

Theft, viruses, system crashes, and misplaced or stolen backup tapes are driving demand for reliable, disk-based backup solutions. In fact, business owners are estimated to spend .7 billion in 2010 on data protection technologies, up 30% from 2005.

PC CHINA Backup & Recovery solutions provide automatic, real-time data backup for servers, laptops and PCs. The solution backs up files first locally to ensure data can be recovered instantly from any previous point in time. It also includes hands-free, automatic offsite capabilities to protect businesses against disasters. Together, the automatic, hassle-free local and offsite data backup capabilities solve the pains related to existing backup systems. Importantly, the CDP series of products back up only block level differences within each file, and then compresses them so the network is not impacted or compromised. Also, central management and remote administration features allow IT administrators to operate efficiently and effectively.

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Tapeless, Enterprise-level Data Protection

Without the Price Tag Fast recovery time objectives and backup tape performance problems are driving demand for high-speed disk-based backup. CDP provides enterprise-class features such as continuous data protection, remote management and hands-free offsite backup - without enterprise-class cost.
PC CHINA CDP for Your Business

CDP was developed specifically with the small-to-medium business in mind - there are no tapes or disks to manage and the appliance includes simple, centralized administration. With the highest standards of reliability, data integrity and security, CDP protects your business, not just your data.
If You're Using Tape Backup

Tape backup systems are unreliable and prone to human error. Data recovery from backup tapes fail more than 50% of the time, and can be up to 400x slower than recovering data from a disk. Most taxing is the cost and effort it takes to administer tape backup systems - rotating tapes, checking them and transporting them offsite. Why use tape backup when there is CDP?
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Our product is the only appliance on the market today that provides local and offsite data protection for the SMB market. Because it is a complete solution that includes hardware and software in one appliance, no integration is necessary. With the CDP Series, you get seamless migration of data between laptops/desktops/ servers to the CDP Appliance to an offsite, secure data center.
  • Continuous Data Backup. CDP detects new or changed files, even when files are open. When this information is found, CDP immediately and automatically replicates it to dedicated hardware locally. Unlike most traditional backup products, no user intervention or additional software or hardware is required with CDP, and risk of data loss is virtually nonexistent because there are no backup windows.
  • Offsite Protection. A clear differentiator for CDP is its "no-touch" offsite backup feature, which uses SSL encryption, advanced compression, and backup of only binary differences. This offsite feature protects data against the risks of fire, theft, misplacement and other issues relating to tape or CD-based backup.
  • Instant Recovery and File Versions from CDP's simple interface, users have access to point and click data recovery features. The intelligent CDP software saves and time-stamps file versions of each file so they are easy to locate.
  • Unlimited PCs. Connect an unlimited number of computers, laptops, and/or servers to CDP for real-time CDP. Selected PCs and files are monitored every minute of the day for new or changed information.
  • Supports Business Applications. PC CHINA CDP provides seamless support for databases and applications without the need to integrate 3rd party software modules. Out-of-the-box & custom applications using databases such as: (MS) SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, FileMaker, Dbase and Access. Microsoft applications such as: Exchange Server, Great Plains, Solomon, Navision, BizTalk, Business Contact Manager, CRM, InfoPath, Commerce Manager, Sharepoint, Project Server and MS Office products including Outlook and Outlook Express. Common business applications such as: Quickbooks, PeachTree, ACT!, Goldmine, as well as most industry specific applications.
  • Security. Data is secured by the same AES 256-bit encryption technologies implemented by major financial institutions and government agencies. PC CHINA CDP also utilizes public-key encryption and digital certificates as an additional layer of protection. Finally, every PC CHINA CDP customer has secure email address and password authentication.
  • Central Management. The PC CHINA Enterprise Manager provides system activity monitoring and viewing of all agents that are active on PC CHINA CDP. IT Administrators benefit from file-level visibility into every agent connected to PC CHINA CDP to enforce consistent backup policies and control features available to individual end users.
  • Remote Administration. IT Administrators can manage PC CHINA CDP, recover a deleted file for a customer, or view vital statistics from a remote location connected to the LAN. This saves the IT Administrator valuable time and resources instead of having to physically visit the customer's site for a simple file recovery like other backup solutions.
  • Bare Metal Recovery (BMR). PC CHINA BMR software creates an exact image of an entire server or workstation - including the operating system files, programs, databases, and settings, enabling the recovery of an entire system in minutes. Moreover, its wizard-driven graphical user interface (GUI) is easy-to-use, making it an ideal application for SMB customers.
  • Local Archiving. Leveraging the PC CHINA Bare Metal Recovery software, CDP solution provides local data archiving for businesses that need to store snapshots of their data for extended periods of time to meet industry and government compliance regulations. Customers can explore their archives and restore an individual file if needed.
  • Compression. PC CHINA CDP has compression technology that achieves compression ranges from 2:1 to 5:1 depending on file type. This allows users to utilize their disk space very efficiently and creates smaller file transfers on the network.
  • Compliance. PC CHINA is committed to safeguarding business data. To that end, PC CHINA CDP meets and complies with all federal and industry regulations on the protection, accessibility, and retention of information. But PC CHINA goes beyond the minimum requirements for security and retention of information. Because PC CHINA 's business is data security and retention, we take government and industry regulations seriously. PC CHINA solutions meet the following federal regulations:
    • HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
    • Sarbanes - Oxley: The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002
    • Gramm-Leach-Bliley: Protects consumer's financial private information
    • SEC / NASD: Securities and Exchange Commission / National Association of Securities Dealers
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The PC CHINA CDP Series takes three easy steps to set up. First, the appliance plugs into your LAN using an Ethernet cable. Second, a small CDP software agent is downloaded onto each computer or server that needs to be protected. Third, using CDP's intuitive interface, simply choose which files or directories you want to back up locally and to the offsite datacenter.
  • Local continuous data protection. The intelligent PC CHINA CDP agent sits at the kernel level to intercept data between the database and disk using a file system filter driver. This allows any new or changed data on a network machine to be detected and backed up to PC CHINA CDP. Instead of backing up at time-based intervals, PC CHINA CDP provides for real-time, hands-free backup. There are no backup windows that leave data exposed to loss ?a serious risk existing with most other backup solutions.
  • Minimal CPU usage. The PC CHINA CDP agent is programmed in C++ and has an extremely low memory footprint. The agent has an undetectable impact on network machines unlike other types of solutions that impact the productivity of employees because they slow down or freeze computers.
  • Hands-Free Offsite Backup. An on-site PC CHINA CDP can be configured to send backup data to a secure PC CHINA offsite datacenter without any user intervention to protect data against disasters like theft and fire. You can refine offsite policies at the administrative level, enabling only certain users or certain types of files, to be migrated offsite. Setting policies ensures your offsite capacity will be used most effectively.
  • Open File Backup. The PC CHINA CDP agent's file system filter driver enables new or changed data to be backed up while the file is open. This feature dramatically decreases the risk of data loss because information is protected as it is created instead of waiting until the file is closed and a backup cycle is initiated.
  • Block Level Differences. PC CHINA CDP provides a full initial backup of marked files, and then only data that has been created or modified from that point on is backed up. These changes are sent to PC CHINA CDP and saved in a unique database created for each specific file. This guarantees maximum compression and capacity on the appliance and it assures that there will be no performance impact on the local area network (LAN).
  • Instant Recovery and Versioning. PC CHINA CDP saves multiple versions of files, not just the latest version. Drawing from the database of block level differences allows specific versions of each file to be dynamically re-created from previous points in time. Users are served a catalog of file versions to simply click on which one(s) that are to be recovered. This feature saves time and increases productivity for both end users and IT Administrators and ensures that capacity is used efficiently on PC CHINA CDP.
  • Data Management Platform. The PC CHINA Data Management Platform provides tools for optimizing storage efficiency and for proactive data management. Key features are a flexible search, command and reporting framework and email alert notifications for real-time updates.
  • Flexible policies. Administrators can give users the ability to locate, view, retrieve or otherwise manipulate data based on the level of permissions they have. Policies can also be set at the file type, directory or application levels to ensure data is added (or excluded) for backup.
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As network threats continue to grow and evolve, traditional firewalls, secure routers and anti-virus software aren't enough to safeguard your network from complex viruses, spyware and malicious code. PC CHINA has solved the complexity of enterprise network security and productivity with an integrated, platform approach that unifies multiple protection and productivity technologies into a complete solution. The PC CHINA Unified Threat Management platform combines a first-to-market, dynamic, deep packet inspection firewall with anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, rock-solid virtual private networking, comprehensive content filtering and application control, SPAM blocking and integrated wireless functionality.
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