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IT Support Agreement
First-Class Priority on site and remote Desktop PC Support – including end-user training, desktop troubleshooting, software updates and upgrades, new workstation installations and new peripheral equipment installations.
First-in-line priority 24/7 hardware and software Server Support – including software updates and upgrades installation, hardware upgrades and installations, new peripheral equipment installations, public exchange server monitoring and user/group account setup.
On a daily basis, we perform backup monitoring, and each week, we verify and – if necessary – restore processes.
On a weekly basis, PC CHINA checks your server for error logs, examines storage device statistics, reviews file statistics, checks server volumes and updates security functions.
Each month, we review all users and objects on the network to make sure that there are no intruders, obsolete or unauthorized accounts.
LAN/WAN/VPN Support – Firewall updates and upgrades, Remote Access, VPN troubleshooting, Wireless systems and overall network performance.
PC CHINA provides remote support via internet, phone and email during normal business hours. Our regular hours of operation are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday (ET), with a four-hour response time (If onsite).
Unlimited users on PC CHINA backup mail server.
Free pickup and delivery.
PC CHINA Global Management System (GMS) –to intercept and fix problems before they gain a critical status of denial of service.
This package covers all computer hardware/parts replace related issues*
The service agreement package described above is our premium Platinum Package. Gold and Silver Packages with fewer features also are available, or we can customize packages specifically for your business. Just let us know what your needs are.
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